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    fakebo-0.4.1.tar.gz 0.4.1 Source in tarball F1 H1 H2
    fakebo-0.4.1.zip 0.4.1 Source in zip F1 H1 H2

    fakebo-i386-linux-static.gz 0.4.1 Linux i386 static compiled F1 H1 H2

    fakebo-0.4.1-1.i386.rpm 0.4.1 RPM binary RH 6.0 F1 H1 H2
    fakebo-0.4.1-1.src.rpm 0.4.1 source RPM F1 H1 H2

    fakebo-0.4.1-win32.exe 0.4.1 WINDOWS binaries (EXE) F1 H1 H2
    fakebo-0.4.1-win32.zip 0.4.1 WINDOWS binaries (ZIP) F1 H1 H2

    VKfakebo-0.4.0-solaris-sparc-local.gz 0.4.0 Solaris Sparc Package F1 H1 H2

    fakebo-0.4.0-1.i386.rpm 0.4.0 RPM binary for RH 5.2 and RH 6.0 F1 H1 H2
    fakebo-0.4.0-1.src.rpm 0.4.0 source RPM F1 H1 H2

    fakebo-0.3.3-1.i386.rpm 0.3.3 RPM binary for RH 5.2 F1 H1 H2
    fakebo-0.3.3-1.src.rpm 0.3.3 source RPM F1 H1 H2

    fakeboreport.pl 1.0? perl script that will notify sysadmin of BO attempt (by Robert Szarka) F1 H1 H2

    Debian DEB packages are under Debian Packages tree. There should be soon a new version available.

    If you want BSD port go here

    As Far As I Know, Windows port has be done by Doug Schieferstine, and you can download it here (Binaries and Sources included). Ported Version 0.1.7. He told me that he will addd WWW page for it too.

    Ian Kumlien has problems with Amiga Port of FakeBO, if you know about Amiga specific porting, please try to e-mail him and help him. Anyway, he told me that there is another port somewhere (try Aminet)

    Wanna CVS nightly build version (maybe unstable with bugs, and so on) click here

    Since version 0.3 there is downloads of FakeBO from this site
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